Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's Official!

I have officially registered for the OBX Half Marathon. 13.1 I crazy? I see it as an amiable goal and I know it will be achieved. Afterall....there was money involved in the registration and that cannot go to waste. Isn't that always a motivation?

I am looking forward to this experience for so many reasons. The personal accomplishment, the health incentive and most importantly...a girls weekend with some new and old friends and the party that comes with it...after the half marathon of course.

Current training status.....I can run 1 1/2 miles without having to stop and walk or catch my breath. Only 11.6 more miles to go....... Thank goodness the event does not take place until November 8th.


  1. You go girl!I'll be cheering you and MPM on...from the sidlines.

  2. Got my party face on. Ready to cook pasta for the runners. And get the hot tub ready for the post race soak and drink.

  3. I wish I could run. I used to be able to run! I was on the track team at school. And now it hurts too much.
    I love the Outer Banks! Go you!
    (PS: I came from Ellen's via Annie's via Lauren's. I get around.

  4. here's my you register before you are in shape or do you wait until you are in shape to take the plunge????